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Mark Zhang

🕶Building a 7-Figure eCommerce Business That Isn’t Boring

By 🇨🇦Mark Zhang – @MarkZhang

Co-Founder & Chief Napper at Manta Sleep

Mark will be sharing lessons learned from building two 7-figure eCommerce businesses, and how to avoid boredom along the way.

About Mark

Mark Zhang loves taking naps. It made him quit his job. It made him travel around the globe. It made him start a business. Now Mark is on a mission to encourage everyone to adopt a nap culture.

Personal Note

There are 2 main things I have personally known about Mark.

  1. You can run not 1, but 2 multi-million dollar business successfully and be at home at 7 pm for dinner 🍱
  2. Personal Growth investment is not a month-to-month ROI. It is a long term investment that in many cases take years to pay back.

Talking with Mark about business is always really inspiring and his advice is really precise. He recently recommended me to read The 22 Immutable Laws of Brand and it was a hit immediately for me to better understand how should I position my product in the market.

Really looking forward to learning more about Mark personal vision on how business should be run and how to become a category leader.

Mark Zhang

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