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Juan Montero

🤓Automating Your Business. 3 Tools I am using to save time.

By 🇵🇦Juan Montero – @JuanMontero

Co-Founder & CEO at Taiwan Nutrition

How much automation are you doing in your business? Juan runs a business in Taiwan in Chinese and they don’t have “out of the box” solutions over here. So Juan has developed a skill set that allows part of his business to run automatically. Juan wants to share with you how can you learn some of these automations. From chatbots to zappiers, and APIs.

About Juan

Juan is a Growth Hacker. He loves digital marketing and spends most of his time doing A/B testing to keep improving his 7 figure business. By nature, Juan is extremely curious about how things work, so be ready to be asked a lot of questions when you meet him.

Personal Note

I am Juan and I am so humbled to be part of the DC community. DCx Taipei is my way to give back to each one of you who have made this learning journey a more enjoyable experience.

This is why Marco and I have put so much energy and time, so you all can come to Taipei to keep connecting and sharing knowledge. Can’t wait to see you in Taipei.

Juan Montero

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