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Brent Zahradnik

🚀7 Amazon Advertising Tactics You Should Be Using

By 🇺🇸Brent Zahradnik – @BrentZahradnik

Founder & CEO at AMZ Pathfinder

What it says on the tin, Brent will go in-depth with 7 different campaign types you should be running on Amazon.

About Brent

Brent founded AMZ Pathfinder in early 2015 as a solo consultant and has since bootstrapped the company to 7 employees on an entirely remote team.

Personal Note

Marco got to know Brent during a DC mastermind around 2 years ago. He is not only an Amazon PPC geek but a true giver personality and has no problem to hope on 1on1 calls in order to help DCers to get more traction in their businesses. Besides running PPC campaigns, Brent is a passionate bicycle rider. In our first email, asked me about the best bicycle routes in Taiwan. So, if you are looking forward to talking about PPC while riding a bicycle around Taiwan, Brent is definitely your guy. Excited to finally host him here!

Brent Zahradnik

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